6 Reason's why AirShare is different to Dropbox

6 Reason’s why AirShare is different to Dropbox

DropBox is like the Big Brother house - You can eat and sleep for free, but your under constant watch.

video cameraDropBox is the most distinguished cloud provider for file, sync and share by far, its great for storing videos and photos with the ability to share them from anywhere to anyone. It's such a simple and easy service to use that Dropbox for personal use has expanded to Dropbox for business. Unfortunately it becomes a lot more perplexed when your sharing private and sensitive files for an organisation and still able to gain control.

Just like there is an extensive amount of different types and brands of milk in the supermarket, sometimes you just want regular milk. So how do you compare all the cloud service providers and pick the right one for your organisation without getting lured into cheap prices and flashy websites. Here are just a few points to why AirShare may be that platform your looking for.

1. We are local 

Unlike many of our competitors AirShare is proudly located in Australia, which means all your data will reside in the same country you are located in. Within the DropBox privacy "customer agrees that DropBox may Transfer store and process customer data in location other than customers country" Their main country to have all data reside in is the US and when dealing with financial documents filled with sensitive data, this can be a dilemma for most organisations.

australia cloud provider2. Free Trial

AirShare offer a 30- Day free Trial with no restrictions, complete access to the platform and on-going support, without touching your credit card. We understand that every business works differently, so you should try before you buy. DropBox offers a 14 day trial on the guideline you provide your credit card number when signing up.

3. Security

Sharing Links with DropBox can be more damaging than you think. When a user creates a shareable link, anyone with that link can access the data. If that user puts the share link into a search engine rather than their browsers URL box, then the advertising server receives the share link as part of the referring URL, if the user clicks on an ad. AirShare stops this by adding a passcode to authenticate themselves as the appropriate user to be able to access the data and cookies will never be used to collect information, all your data is kept private.

4.You have Control

AS-DeviceAll your data is left in your hands to control, As the admin you can give your users the permission to access the files that you allow and if they leave the organisation you can stop them from deleting any sensitive data. "By default, everything in your Dropbox for business account is private. Other team members, including admins, wont be able to access your files unless you share them using share links or folders." Therefore leaving IT admin with no control over user accounts.

5.On-Site Storage

AirShare offer cloud storage gateways, which are hybrid appliances that seamlessly combine local storage, cloud storage, data protection and collaboration in a single, cost-effective package. The gateway enables replication of data to the cloud providing full control over cloud storage use and costs.

6.On-going support

At no extra cost to the organisation AirShare offer 24 hour support & Service for any user. We proud ourselves as the top customer service cloud platform in Australia, with a round the clock help desk and even on-site help if required.


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