A Private Cloud in the Sky

A Private Cloud in the Sky

Sitting on a plane heading to Sunny Brisbane, 30 minutes down and I can finally see now where all my data is being securely stored.

The Cloud is at eye level and only now can I begin to gain the concept of keeping my data in the cloud. With so much choice in cloud solutions not everyone can get their head out of the clouds and get around the difference between public and private cloud. 

Over the past year Australian companies have been put in a position with overwhelming options to outsource infrastructure to the cloud. Even without completely understanding the concept, large organisations are jumping on board to consolidate their IT environment and capitalise on available resources.

It has been predicted, that this year is when you will see the biggest shift to the cloud. Australian CIOs rating it the second biggest priority for this year, first priority being business intelligence and analytics. The never-ending discussion on whether to go into public or private cloud is an on going decision for any sized organisation.

I consider the cloud like a vacation, a helpful way to manage, service and store your data securely so you have more time focusing on more important things in life (or taking longer lunch breaks)

Now we are in holiday mode, you have to decide do you want to do it privately or publicly?


Don’t get me wrong, the public cloud is great due to it being cost-effective and scalable, but besides its growing popularity, it doesn’t come without its challenges. Similar to choosing accommodation on your holiday, Staying in a hostel is affordable and has everything you need while traveling. All you have to do it share your living environment and leave your luggage within a room of strangers, but besides that you have a great deal.

On the other hand, I feel like I have more to lose on my holidays as I carry along my most valuable items with me including my passport. As I have so much more to lose on my holiday I want to know every time I leave my hotel room it will be there when I return. Therefore I would choose the private cloud, as the fear of handing over total control of my data (or valuable items) is too risky for me.

Services and resources you may add in the private cloud are only accessible to the user and protected from any other external access (no drunk backpackers in the middle of the night) From that alone the availability of the private cloud can offer and customise gives me the security that I’m looking for.


A feature of the private cloud is that external monitoring services cannot simply look into the cloud. An operator or client must provide a monitoring solution within the private cloud and as result, the IT staff can monitor the private cloud more accurately and directly then a purchased service in the public cloud.

Therefore when taking your next holiday with the family think about what way you want to spend your time- worrying about if your luggage will still be there after visiting the sunny beaches on the Whitsundays or not having a care in the world as you know all your luggage is securely locked up in your own private room awaiting your arrival.

Personally, peace of mind is worth that extra price with the private cloud.




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