Cloud Backup

Cloud & Hybrid Backup and Recovery are secure, cost effective and reliable solutions

Cloud backup solutions enable enterprises or individuals to store their data and computer files on the internet using a storage service provider, rather than storing the data locally on a physical disk, such as a hard drive or tape backup. The AirShare platform can backup either desktop, servers or the storage gateway appliance in the office.


Desktop Backup

A desktop backup is when an agent is installed in an employees device, whether being Windows or Mac and the agent efficiently backups up with block-level de duplication selected files within the desktop. The backups can be anywhere automated from every hour to every 24 hours after work schedule. The first initial backup will take the longest, but after that the agent will only backup the changes in the files with snapshots.  

Server Backup

Backing up a server can be integrated with the AirShare platform to keep file level backup automated and in the cloud. AirShare can integrate with SQL server, Exchange, File servers & Active Directory. This is when an agent is installed on a server and completes routine backup while storing it in the cloud. 

Appliance Backup

The cloud storage gateway appliance is a hybrid approach to an office environment backup, which utilise on-premise storage capabilities for speed and local sharing, while taking advantage of cloud storage for off-site backup and folder synchronisation. The appliances can replace legacy file servers and tape backup in a cost effective single solution.  

Layered data protection

Backup is preformed both locally and to the cloud, providing you with an extra layer of protection for disaster recovery and a fast restore time from a local appliance. 

Non-intrusive cloud backup

The cloud storage gateway appliances aggregate backups from multiple desktops, laptops and servers at your location, de-duplicate the data and send it to the cloud in an optimised, bandwidth controlled stream that keeps your network connection clear. 

Comprehensive Solution

Protect laptops, desktops and servers at both file and disk level with a single, easy to manage solution which supports Windows, Mac & Linux platforms. 

Fast Recovery

Rapidly restore files or entire disk images fast from the local appliance, and use the cloud recovery only in cases where the local backup is inaccessible.

Reduced IT administration overhead

User friendly software and windows shell integration means that end-users can preform simple operations such as single file recovery and restoring previous versions themselves, with no need to call the IT help desk.

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