Cloud computing unifies the retail chain

Cloud computing unifies the retail chain

The retail game is changing, but far from slowing down. Retailers have been forced to keep up with the pace of transformation to remain current in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Australian retailers have began to embrace cloud-based Omni channel commerce solutions to tightly integrate e-commerce, order management, fulfilment and inventory management and operate these critical business functions as a single entity. The move to the cloud is all to do with gaining complete control. Big amounts of data are enabling retailers to understand their customers better than they understand themselves.

“To make money, you have to spend money”

As a lot of retailers are learning that investment into a private cloud with on-going support gets you ahead of the game. Cloud solutions deliver highly secure and flexible ways to sync, share and backup data through a cloud-based private service. This also helps reduce costs for retailers, maintain security, increase agility and enhance business processes.

 Top reasons for using Private Cloud in Retail

  • Hardware cost savings
  • Lower outside maintenance costs
  • Software cost savings
  • Greater security than the public cloud
  • Decrease pressure on internal IT resources

As transitioning into the cloud can be frightening for many companies of the unknown, 2015 will see a big shift for retailers to implement and manage new technologies such as cloud computing when using capable platforms and trusted services.

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