The AirShare Portal

A cloud service platform that enables cloud storage backup, file sharing & syncing with mobile collaboration

The AirShare Portal is a centralised management console, which makes it possible to extend data services to remote sites and mobile users within the organisation. The portal can remotely manage tens of thousands of connected devices for individual users and mobile workforce.

Scalable Storage on Demand

The portal can be managed from anywhere , which allows you to launch and manage applications from your cloud storage infrastructure:

  • Synchronisation between cloud folders, user agents and cloud storage gateway appliances. 
  • Collaboration using shared project workspaces with user controlled permissions.
  • Automated bandwidth optimised local and cloud backup with block level de-duplication.
  • Application-aware backup for Microsoft exchange, SQL Server, Active directory, SharePoint and Hyper-V.
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure portal that leverages object storage for cost optimisation and mobility.
  • Remote access to files via the standard browsers and mobile app.


Accessing and uploading into the portal

The AirShare portal is able to be accessed from any desktop or mobile app, Uploading files syncs instantaneously with your device and the cloud not matter if your within the office or on the road, your staff and yourself will all have access to the same files at the same time. 

Data governance and security

The AirShare Portal integrates with anti-malware, enterprise mobility management and data loss prevention solutions to allow enterprises greater data visibility and control. All data is encrypted before it is sent to the cloud using AES-256, military graded encryption, a highly secure encryption algorithm.  

Private Encryption Keys

You can either choose to have a private key derived from a personal encryption passphrase or have a automatically secure generated key.

  • The system admin has full control over the choice of encryption keys given to users.
  • The keys to the protected data are stored separately from the data itself, so everything remains behind the companies firewall. 
  • The data is stored in a private cloud within AWS S3 Bucket, with the customer given exclusive ownership of all data and keys.
  • AirShare or AWS never have access to the keys or can gain access, without customers consent. 
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1300 312 709