Sync & Backup with User Agents





A User agent are software agents that preform dual backup and file sharing functions in a single solution

All user agents provide backup and sync capabilities with desktops, servers or cloud storage gateway appliances. Agents preform instantaneous syncing on selected folders to and from the cloud. Agents can be managed centrally from the appliance or accessing the portal, where the agent setup can be monitored by admin. 

Server & Laptop Backup

All data that is sent to the cloud is optimised for delivery over WAN featuring:

  • Automated backup, customised to the user.
  • Backup selection of file types, sizes, age and path.
  • Perpetually incremental backup and sync, only changes are backed up.
  • Available on Windows, Linux or Mac platforms.
  • Customised bandwidth throttling by day of the week and time of the day.
  • AES 256-bit encryption, military grade security used by governments and banks.
  • Can Integrate with Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, Active Directory server and SharePoint.

Backing up with a User Agent

Agent's can protect servers, desktops and laptops providing direct to the cloud end point backup and recovery with de-duplication and bandwidth control. All backups are incremental after the first initial backup and become seamlessly efficient during working hours with no downtime for the company.


AirShare's file, sync & share solution allows users to set up joint cloud storage workspaces for collaborating with colleagues

The agents supports multi-folder sync as any folder can be selected for synchronisation with no limit on the size, type of number of folders in one location. The admin is also allowed to log all file access and sync events for auditing purposes, providing strict supervision across how the data is shared for tighter security control.

Project Team Collaboration

Allow your team to collaborate within the portal by setting up permissions and access to third party clients through expiration password protected links. 

  • Define read/write privileges and time-limited access.
  • Bi-directional synchronisation of folders on their desktops.
  • One-way synchronisation for file syndication.
  • Conflict resolution in case of divergent file versions
  • Time limited invites using URLs
  • Role-base permissions for allowing users to create shared project folders. 
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