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General Questions

Can I use mobile collaboration with the AirShare portal?

All users can use their mobile devices to access the portal to file, sync & share. The Ctera App for apple iOS and Android devices can securely access their encrypted files in the cloud view them, edit them and store them in the cloud where they can be shared with colleagues, partners and customers.

Do I need both Backup & Cloud Drive with AirShare?

Completely up to your organisation! If your only looking for a backup solution we can deploy backup agents onto your desktops, serves & storage gateway appliances, without having to pay for any extra services that you do not need. We can also deploy cloud drive agents if you only require file sharing and syncing across your workplace without any backup. AirShare can scale up and down anytime so if you just start with backup agents you can easily implement cloud drive agents in the future.

How often can I backup my data?

Automatic backup can occur every hour with bandwidth throttling options, making it a highly optimised and secure backup solution. We find out organisations with highly critical data backup every 4 hours, but the majority backup every 24 hours after working hours.

What snapshots do the backup agents take?

Snapshots are useful for recovering previous version of files that were accidentally overwritten or lost, and are often required for regulatory compliance purpose or for disaster recovery. The efficient multiple snapshots create restore points for the entire volume, with minimal impact on file system performances with dynamically allocated space, so there is no need to pre-allocate and waste valuable storage space.



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