File Sharing Mobile App

The mobile App enables business users to access their files securely, view them, edit them & store in the cloud

Users can also easily upload files, such as photos and documents, from their mobile device to their cloud device when they are in the office or on the road. This extends the enterprise data services platform and provides access to private folders and team project workspaces as well as the ability to view and download backup files. 

Mobile In Tandem with the Portal

Enterprise grade security and Active Directory/ LDAP support:

  • Secure access to cloud folders.
  • iOS, Android and Windows.
  • Take photos from your phone and add them straight into the portal.
  • Move and copy files.
  • Mark files and folders as favourites to make them accessible from your phone when your phone is offline. 
  • Encrypted with customer-specific private keys.
  • Uploads any file, any size.
  • User data saved on mobile device can be remotely wiped.
  • Integration with Active Directory and LDAP.
  • User friendly.

Saving Files Directly Into AirShare

Whether it's saving images, work documents or videos you can save them into the portal through your desktop or mobile while it instantaneously syncs with the cloud. No matter if you are on the road or in the office everyone will have access to the same files.


Secure file access and sharing on mobile devices

With the tight integration with Active Directory and LDAP, there is no need for separate mechanisms to define user access privileges, reducing administration overhead and maintaining security policies. 

The AirShare Mobile App is free to download for Portal users:


iTunes App Store



Google Play

Windows Phone

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1300 312 709