Genton moves highly skilled Architects to the cloud

Genton moves highly skilled Architects to the cloud

Genton Architecture is a bespoke Architect and Design firm with studios in Melbourne, Sydney and Hefei, China.



Genton produce and deliver outstanding architecture on an international level. Steven Toia founded the company in 2009 and is based in the Sydney studio while the majority of his staff reside in the Melbourne studio with a satellite studio in China.

Genton Architecture brings together highly skilled architects, BIM Leaders, Creatives, Interior Designers and Project Managers from diverse and complementary experiences who have the skills to deliver complex designs and projects. Genton Architecture’s knowledge base is built on an extensive amount of design, documentation and procurement of small, large and complex projects across a range of sectors both locally and internationally.

The Challenge

Working in the fast-paced architect and design industry, Steven is constantly looking to push their designs by incorporating innovative materials, ideas and services. This requires Genton Architecture to have minimal technical issues and unlimited access to all the designers’ work at anytime from any studio. This is one of many reasons why Genton Architecture has been an AirShare customer for over a year now.

While Steven is in Sydney he needs to be able to work on projects at the same time as his designers are completing them in Melbourne and China. Receiving the designs on time for the client is their main priority as they promote efficient client service. Steven is also constantly on the move with site visits and client meetings all around Australia whilst also working around the three studios. Being able to work on or offline is very important to him.

The Solution

By deploying AirShare agents onto the employees desktops all sites could sync and share all projects with Steven at anytime. Reliable and affordable packages helped Genton Architecture effectively solve the problem of accessing the same designs across the team in all three studios. Within the AirShare portal an automative daily backup was implemented across all three sites while syncing to an on-site cloud storage gateway so they had access to their projects in the cloud and on site.  Steven can now work offline and backup seamlessly when on the road or in the office. He can now automatically sync his plans and send them back to the studio in Melbourne; saving time, money and company resources.

“AirShare enables us to save time, money and company resources and allows us to focus on what we do best - producing great design and architecture for our clients.” 

-Steven Toia

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