Imagine a world without Tinder

Imagine a world without Tinder

Yeah, neither can I. Now imagine a world without cloud computing.

I could have just written a blog on Tinder and how my new housemate has a revolving door of Tinder dates, but honestly it was just used to get your attention and look it worked! Now back to the cloud, for now.

The cloud is no longer a phase, buzzword or that creepy uncle that you only saw around Christmas time. The cloud has become a facet of everyday life. It is still hard to grab the concept of the idea of instantly being able to access information from anywhere by using the cloud (also known as data centres) it also doesn't help that these data centres have no actual location and we are just told that they are loosely "somewhere" around your region.

Which industry will boom?

Any industry can easily migrate to the cloud, but it’s not how they do it but when. Still sceptical and dipping their toes into the cloud slowly and uncertain if this solution is the right one for them. Those organisations are quickly being left behind from the others that are practically cannoning bowling it in and diving head first. The financial industry has been rapidly evolving and becoming faster and more efficient and have nearly eliminated the need for having a separate client database and customer portal at every location.

No one would understand the movement of the cloud like the entertainment Industry ask your nearest Blockbuster or Video Ezy - wait a minute you can't they have all disappeared. Thanks to the cloud we have been provided with a whole new opportunity to create a new business sector, which is online entertainment. You can tell the entertainment industry is just warming up, take a look at Netflix shares booming and Hoyts Kiosk appearing at every local supermarket.

The healthcare industry is another one that will take on the cloud head first. With so much to gain becoming more patient-centred and data-driven, Sharing and storing large data files involved in medical imaging will save hospitals, physicians and other organisations in health care costs while boosting up speed and efficiency.

The education Industry could be taught a thing or two.

The last Industry to have major impact will be the education sector, an industry that will never stop growing and advancing. Quicker than you think on-campus degrees will be a thing of the past, something you looked back saying "back in my day” It is all available online now and why not. If I can do an online course, work full time and still have a social life, why not. Highly prestigious schools such as MIT are taking advantage of the cloud by creating their open Courseware program, which gives you access to all their courses at no cost to you while you freely collaborate and research materials while completing online discussions resulting in degrees - and it looks like it’s a trend that will catch on!

No matter how you welcome cloud computing into your organisation, it will not be puffed away anytime soon. As for Tinder hopefully it retires sooner than later, so I can get some more sleep.

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