Nothing is free, not even the cloud

Nothing is free, not even the cloud

The world is jumping onto cloud back up and file sync & share solutions. It's becoming a riot of competitors with dirt cheap prices.

This industry is becoming so desperate for accumulating customers it's slashing it's services for free... but what you don't see they are very long complicated strings attached to every "free solution" 

  • Slashing prices means the services get slashed too.
  • larger providers are not set up to meet the level of customer service required.
  • Larger providers require you to check and maintain your backups regularly.
  • Extra fees are added when you want to restore your data (that they don't tell you when you sign up!)
nothing is for free

Watch out for price traps with free cloud offerings...


Small business's drove the initial growth of cloud computing and they still offer that ongoing customer service, that is required for a long term partnership with a cloud provider.


Have you ever thought why you are signing a contract for a free service?

Too many customer reviews over the larger cloud service providers complain about "hidden fees" and "mislead information"

Customers waiting 40 days to backup their files and on the phone for hours over simple issue's, it doesn't help your not talking to anyone locally either.


Why is Customer service so important?

Customer service is the backbone of any company. You can slash your prices and offer services for free to get new customers on board as much as you want. But unless you can get some of those customers to come back, your company wont be very profitable for long.


Top Customer service Tips are:

  • Communication is key! If you don't know what your customer wants how do you know if your providing the right service!
  • Patience is important to customers. You have to understand that as much as they want a solution they will still shop around for the best deal. Its all a waiting game with cloud services- they'd rather get competent service than be rushed out the door!
  • Knowledgeable in every aspect of your service or product. without knowing your product from front to back you won;t know how to help customers when they run into problems.
  • Management skills with helping a customer out. There is a limit with spending time with customers. In the end if you can't help the customer with your service don't waste both of your times trying to go above and beyond for that customer.


Customer Services tips for getting a cost effective Cloud Service


So is there room for the smaller cloud providers in Australia?

The game has changed and it's not only about how cheap there solution is, but about the level of ongoing customer service they can provide.

When you sign up to backup or file sync & Share solution you are not looking for a quick fix, but for a partnership. A company your trusting your most important files, photos and videos with, and if something happens to them you can always be certain you'll be able to restore them back.


So what am I getting if I choose local?

Your not only getting that face to face service no other provider overseas can give you, but an ongoing relationship with your provider. You don't need to manage or track your backups- they do it for you!

This is customer service on a personal level, 24/7 service or support at anytime. All costs are upfront and nothing, NOTHING is hidden from you. Normally its a monthly cost with how many months you want to be contracted too.


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