Online File Sharing

Seamlessly access files on all devices and collaborate with employees, customers & partners through the portal

The AirShare platform is a private, secure file sharing solution for organisations with remote locations or employees on the go. Users are given the ability to synchronise files and folders across all devices with easy to use file sharing and workspaces for team collaboration. 

This platform can be a private, behind the firewall solution in your data centre, or as a "virtual private" solution leveraging scalable public cloud infrastructure giving you complete control and ownership of your data. 


Business User Features

Access and share files anywhere

Sharing files and folders externally is easy with data -limited links, you can also access pervious versions of a file and all apps can be used for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac & Linux. 

Multi-folder sync for local access

Synchronise private folders across all of your devices, while setting up multiple shared workspace folders to share with your team. 

Shared workspaces for teams

No IT involvement is required with user-managed workspaces, limit user access to read/write files only with time limitations, with no file size or bandwidth limit. 

Flexible policy-based sync

Determine file sharing policy by file type and user group. Sync files stored on the cloud storage gateway appliance and access files on the local network via mapped drives. File automatically synchronised to the cloud, maintaining user access privileges. 

Integrated backup from a single client

Backup through single client is highly efficient, incremental and non-intrusive. Snapshots of files are all retainable and you can designate backup folders with an automated schedule. 

IT Administrator Features

Choose your private or virtual private cloud

The portal supports a variety of object storage and cloud IaaS providers this will leverage your existing infrastructure. Active Directory/LDAP integration for user authentication and single sign-on(SSO)

End to end security and privacy

Source-based AES 256-bit data encryption from the endpoint to the cloud with private encryption keys that you own. Password policy protection management and two-factor authentication via SMS or email for file sharing. 

Full visibility into data usage

View all users and devices in a single console with customisable alerts on system, security and access events. Granular logging and reporting and integration with 3rd party tools is available for all users.

WAN-optimised and cost-efficient

Source-based global de-duplication greatly reduces WAN traffic and storage requirements. Automated resumption of interrupted file transfer facilitates large file transfer with configureable bandwidth throttling. 

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