Enterprise File, Sync & Share with controlled Backup

Scalable cloud portal manageable by anyone from anywhere

Hybrid Backup & Recovery

AirShare’s hybrid service combines performing dual backups to a local appliance and to the cloud in a single, efficient solution.

 The Agent provides direct to cloud backup and recovery, including de-duplication and bandwidth control. While the storage gateway appliances provide built in agent-based backup, allowing you to protect servers, desktops and laptops. Including de-duplication and encrypt all backups before they are sent to the cloud with bandwidth throttling options.


Backups are incremental after the initial backup

Thin provisioned automated snapshots for versioning with admin

Integrated with Exchange, SQL, SharePoint & Active Directory

Offline seeding capabilities for large backups

Enterprise File, Sync & Share

Controlling your data through file, sync & share public consumer-grade applications can be difficult with a business environment dealing with sensitive data. AirShare’s enterprise level file, sync & share are in control of where the data is sent, how it is shared and how secure it is both in-transit and when stored in the private cloud.

 Depending on a variety of object storage platforms the AirShare solution can be used for FTP alternative and large file transfer, shared team workspaces, secure file access for BYOD users and file syndication.



Offline seeding capabilities read/write permission and time-limited access

One-way synchronisation for file syndication

Role-based permissions for allowing users to create shared project folders

Conflict resolution in case of divergent file versions

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1300 312 709