The Hybrid cloud is the best of both worlds

The Hybrid cloud is the best of both worlds

The hybrid cloud is a combination of a public cloud provider with a private cloud platform.

By intermixing private and public cloud infrastructure, companies are able to leverage the best of what both have to offer. This allows businesses to rely on the cost-effective public cloud for sensitive projects and the private cloud for critical, sensitive projects.

The hybrid model grants companies enhanced agility to move seamlessly between the two, this has become a new, powerful and economical way of delivering IT services rather than the traditional hardware-bound, premise-bound model.

Overall you have a cost savings with going hybrid, allowing companies to bridge the gap between old and new systems. Seamless scaling by allocating resources for immediate projects at a much lower cost instead of using local IT infrastructure when needed.

Is the hybrid cloud right for everyone?

  • Is your data centre out of capacity or do you expect it to be full in the next two years?
  • Do the capacity requirements of your data centre expand and contract dramatically during the year?
  • Would you see a benefit to outsourcing part of your data centres management tasks to someone else so you could spend more time focusing on what makes the company the most money?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then the hybrid cloud is a good fit for your company.

While the hybrid cloud may be sustainable for business,  financial savings and the flexibility to scale based on the need is going to continue to drive public cloud adoption, but whilst strict regulations for many organisations remain in place not everybody is going to be able to make the move.

Therefore organisations will still require highly efficient in-house operations and a greater degree of flexibility, hence the move to the cloud will be somewhat inevitable.

Long-on premises solutions will struggle to meet their needs in an ever-changing business environments, therefore their only option will be the hybrid cloud.

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