Why you should Backup your Life

Why you should Backup your Life

 Living in an unpredictable world, it is very rare to not to have a Backup Plan.

 We go through life with a certain goal in mind, we know where we want to be in 5 years time and how we are going to get there, but it never turns out as planned.

This is why we always prepare for the worst and have a backup plan or Plan B situation in place.

Beginning from when you enrol into your first university course that will set you off into a fantastic career! - But if you don't get into that course, you have a Plan B, which would be an Arts Degree or something more general and easier to squeeze into.

Personally I have backup plans for my everyday life, living in Melbourne the weather is as unreliable as my mums mood swings. That is why I always bring a jacket and umbrella to work, even if the forecast is 40 degrees for the next 7 days.

Life is too unreliable and the moment you think you have it down pat- thats the moment it throws in a monkey wrench and your in the control of nothing! Disasters happen every day, even if it is the smallest thing like a paper cut- you should always be prepared.




So why is it any different to your computer?

Majority of the population- spend hours on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. Uploading and downloading crucial data and without it you would be lost. I have an overwhelming number of files including family birthday photos (and maybe some selfies) stored in my laptop, along with personal documents, work files, music (I should let go of) and other data that is only stored on my laptop.

Yet in saying that I have no backup plan for my laptop?

Backing up my laptop had never crossed my mind, I have never been in a situation where I had my laptop destroyed by a fire or flood or have files unexpectedly fail. I guess my attitude towards it was "It would never happen to me" Which was strange as for the rest of my everyday life, I'm prepared for the worst (even if it means lugging a jacket around all day)

Well they were my famous last words, as soon as I thought I was safe from a disaster, the quicker it happened. My laptop got stolen right in the middle of my VCE exams while I was at high school (along time ago) and I still will never forget that day.

All of a sudden all the data I had at my finger tips was gone, and I had no way of recovering it. This affected me more than I anticipated as all those months of preparing for assignments and exams on my laptop were gone and I had to start from scratch.

This why I am such a strong believer of backing up. It is easier to say going through a traumatic experience of loosing it all- but fortunately most of you have not been in that situation.... yet.


So now I have have put the fear into your mind, what is the solution?

As easy as Google can show you, you can search "Backup solution" and an overwhelming result page will list the major players in this game. Offering dirt cheap to free services for cloud backup for any device.

Do not be fooled and enticed by these cheap solutions as it reflects on what type of service you will end up getting."You get what you pay for"

When searching for a cloud backup solution, you also want that personal service and ongoing support, so you know if you have any issues in the future- they can resolve it without you doing anything giving you peace of mind.

What to look for in a Backup Provider?

  • Data stored locally.
  • Support in the same Country as you reside in.
  • No hidden fees to restore data when lost.
  • Versioning included, if needing to restore an old file.


It is very important when looking for a backup provider you look beyond the monthly price, because looks are always deceiving.

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