Yes you heard me right, Cats are more tech savvy than you.

Yes you heard me right, Cats are more tech savvy than you.

While we are all still hesitating on migrating to the cloud, cats are taking over the internet in a fishy kind of way.

2015 is the revolution of cats taking over social media, their time to shine (when they are not sleeping or eating) apparently they have a yearning to share photos from their everyday cat adventures. Catstacam is the new camera device attached to your feline friend, which automatically takes photos and uploads them to their own personal Instagram account. Not sure if a photo of grass or some neighbours food bowl is Instagram worthy, but apparently cats are pushing the boundaries of technology like never before.

So why are we so afraid?

If cats can leap into new technology, why are we not leaping with them? Cloud computing has been around for a while now, but it's just starting to pick up traction. Let's get rid of the buzzword the "cloud" and get straight to the point what does it really mean? Cloud computing means that instead of purchasing computer hardware and software, it is all provided to you as a service from another company, which is accessed over the internet. The first question that comes to mind is "where is the hardware and software located?" well that doesn't matter anymore to the user as it’s just somewhere up in the "cloud" which the internet represents.

 How is it different?

Well when talking about cloud computing to customers, three points stand out to me: It's managedOn-demand and can be public or private. As you are buying a service, you are no longer required to worry about how the service is being provided. A lot of cloud web services advertise that "they manage the cloud for you, so you have more time to run your business" 

I have heard of people comparing the cloud payment process like paying a mobile phone bill. The most popular way of paying for cloud services is "pay-as-you-go" You can buy as much as you need or as little as you need daily, scaling up and down so you’re not paying for any unwanted space. This On-demand process really shakes up the conventional way of buying servers and infrastructure on-site.

Now you’re down to one more choice do you go public or private. Well depending on your organisation needs you can choose a huge provider like AWS, which is the world’s largest public cloud provider- or choose a private cloud provider, which works in the same way, but you have access to your resources through a secure network connection.

Advantage's of castacam... I mean cloud computing.

Just like any other tech advancement there is a point behind it, as it is an improvement on how we can work more effectively. This is exactly what cloud computing achieve for an organisation and Catstacam accomplish for cats… to a point.

You have to look at the cloud solution as a long term solution:

  • You will be reducing the expense or cost on technology infrastructure with minimal upfront spending.
  • Globalising your workforce will be on the cheap, as people worldwide can access the cloud.
  • Reducing capital costs as you no longer need large amounts of money to update software and hardware.
  • Improving flexibility as you can test and change direction without any financial issues at stake.


Just like the Catstacam, there is no problem with continuing down the same track of taking photos of cats and uploading them onto Instagram or in cloud computing terms continuing buying (not so cheap) infrastructure. The point of cloud computing is advancing to the next level, buying a service so you have more time growing your organisation.

And for Catstacam, I guess the point of that product is to let your cat take the photos so you can have your regular life back - but if you set your cat an Instagram account in the first place I think you’re already in too deep. 

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