Object Storage

Industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance. Individuals and businesses of any size can use AirShare platform to store and protect any amount of data.


Global data storage

Whether it’s a single important document or terabytes of media files to be streamed globally, the platform is able to store your data in redundant nodes. Choose to store your data in any of the 11 global regions.



Media and Streaming

Serve users in multiple regions with low cost, high performance storage for images, audio, and video digital media.

AirShare provides the scale and performance needed to stream media directly from websites to end-users.



No data transfer costs

Media distributed via AirShare can be distributed via the internet, without any ingress or egress transfer fees.

Enterprise data storage

The sharing of enterprise data storage requires high-levels of encryption and privacy, ensuring that data stored and shared cannot be compromised by users that are not authorised to view files.

Using enhanced techniques, data is encrypted end-to-end, from the moment of transfer from a users device, to cloud storage, and only decrypted after local transfer.


Data backup & archival

Leverage the economics of distributed storage to protect existing data sets, or store in archival historic data.

By securely transferring and storing your data in AirShare, it will be separated from traditional and costly on-premises, or centralised storage models.


internet-of-things (IOT) Data

Data from the physical world comes in various shapes and sizes. AirShare provides a solution for the storage from unstructured blobs of data, such as images or video streams, to archival of devices or transactions, and telemetry data.



Collaboration between teams, and across organisations demands highly secure transfer and storage of sensitive enterprise information. AirShare provides end-to-end encryption to protect this data, and enable rapid collaboration across borders.

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